Review: True Calling – Siobhan Davis

Thanks to Chloe Shortall for her great review of #TrueCalling



True Calling is the debut novel from Irish author Siobhan Davis. The novel is set on Planet Novo, a planet created in the likeness of earth but far more technologically advanced. The people who live on Novo have been screened extensively to ensure that the new planet earth prospers. The only drawback to being chosen for this new planet is the fact that the government erased certain memories from the minds of the people.

For Ariana, this is the most confusing part of her new life. She can’t remember the people from her past who were left on earth, but at night she can see them in her dreams. Most specifically, she can see Zane.

When the government set up The Calling, a pageant set up to match up couples who would produce the most ideal offspring, Ariana has to decide between Cal, the boy she loves even though her…

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